We’ve heard that your starting doesn’t matter that its just your ending that matters but we’ve actually forgotten that our starting will determine how the end will be…..i.e you can predict the end from the starting point of a person.but how is this possible?84430204

Let’s take a race for example on a race track. if you start a race with a perfect good momentum you might end up winning the race. To be honest with you if Usain Bolt should have a very bad start at the beginning of a race the results of that race might shock you.

Another example is the CGPA of a university student if he/she starts with a very good CGPA and also remains consistent with it the person will end up with a good CGPA….i hope you now have a rough sketch of the picture am trying to paint. your starting really matters, it tells how far you will go; just like statistics, your starting helps to tell your confidence interval(some might not understand that). but just get the picture.

Haven’t you noticed when you wake on the right side of the bed i.e you woke up happy, you tend to enjoy your day all through but if the other happens you might not enjoy your day.

So please today is Sunday it marks the beginning of a new week…go to church and commit the rest of the week into His hands, redeem the week, plan ahead so you will enjoy your week all through and by Saturday night when you do a review of your week you will look back and smile…..

next edition :

how to plan ahead

….coming soon



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