Arise to your knees

‘At the end o the day when I crawl into bed and all the lights go out, my thoughts can finally rise to the surface; yea am a little bruised, slightly broken and permanently scared but i am still here aren’t I?  I’m still waking up everyday to go through it all over again. This life may be hard as hell but it’s still a gift and i’m going to live every moment of it.’
Is this what your life is as a Nigerian, are you seeing your life as a gift and other gifts(lives) are taken away rapidly within the twinkle of the eye, the northen states are in tears and loss, ‘who cares’ is what comes out of your mouth and you live in luxury with your family. This is never what we know as love. Rise to your knees and declare war in the place of prayer that no one born of a woman would bring this great nation down and no god that didn’t create heaven and earth would rule over this nation. Yet we must all live in purity bearing in us the compassion for those whose lives are at the mercy if God in the north. Don’t be selfish. Good morning Nigeria.

I love my country Nigeria.


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