Great decision makers and landmines.


Politicians are known to be great decision makers uhn?
lets see what choices they are faced with at times.
1. My stomach and family Or my fellow Nigerians.
2. My bank account or the farmers’ aid
3. Securing my unborn generation with wealth or securing the economy of this nation through production, job creation e.t.c
4. My large garage full of cars or providing easy means of transportation for my people.
5. fattening my stomach or reducing the school fee of students or various classes.
6. Feeling the power to do as i wish or feeling the responsibility that comes with the authority to serve my nation and my people.
7. The need to be seen as high and might and always right or drawing close to the heart of the people to know what they think and face and listen to their hearts speak.
8. Maximize power and authority to influence state decisions against the people to favor myself or being an advocate for the people in Love and justice.
There are just many decisions always before them….. not even considering their immediate families yet and most of what we do is criticize these men… sure some are bad but shall we continue to say all politicians are bad and not let God open our eyes to see what He is doing in bring up the good once in His time.
Lets not complain about men anymore. Lets turn to God in prayer and worship even for the bad politicians that He would touch their heart and also pray that the good ones won’t turn bad. Lets pray that the forth coming election in 2015 would be a peaceful one.
The Lord God is on the thrown as He reigns forever.


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