Happy Men Makes the world glow

The Gentle lowly sad face was always thinking of suicide, the terrible menace that fell upon the city a year before took all they had and tossed it into the ocean just at a hands swipe. the days ahead were tragic, the loss of family, of friends, of companions, of loved ones, of enemies all together made the whole city smell of death and struggle. there was no hope of light as darkness filled the air.

All that soon began to change as a new arrival made a crude entrance to the city. Though he came with nothing to them but all he kept giving was a smile and a pat to the back for the young children. Then his goods arrived and he began sharing all he had with this dejected ones and soon this smile started spreading all through the city.

He engaged them as he led in the cleaning of the city, their war was over but no one to think of a way forward as they were all looking backward at the past which kept them from seeing the dawn of the beginning of new days ahead. They toiled day and night, eating whatever they could, divided into groups, some started growing crops that give fruit and seed fast, some started gathering their lost animals back and some started construction on the cleared areas to provide shelter. It was tough for them but that smile never faded away.

They pushed on till this very man who brought this smile died and left all his treasures in the hand of a most trusted assistant in the city who carried out his wish till the city started going into trading.

The war was over and their exploration began, new types of gem exposed from the various blasts of their mountains during the war became resources of wealth for them. They lived in peace and harmony with one another, each sharing what he can with the less privileged person, saving was rare and so no expansion could take place soon but they kept that smile on their faces at all times and soon they came to be known as the CITY OF HAPPINESS.

The city of Happiness couldn’t mourn the death of the man who first started the spread of this smile as he had bid them to be happy he brought something they should continue to live with and would not stop smiling where ever he finds himself. Fortune turned to smile at them as soon they found crude oil in their land and then everything began to change.



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