One meal A child

GENO Hope Alive Foundation

Disclaimer – This is not intended to be a political post…

Awesome folks,
Most people are aware that Nigeria has been in the election spirit for some time now with several prominent aspirants vying for several political offices. Anyway, like the disclaimer rightly stated, this post isn’t to serve a political purpose, so moving on….

Something caught my eye being used by several Individuals and Political Parties during their various Campaigns.
It’s the “One meal A Child” slogan which promises to give every child in a primary institution a meal per day. It made me think about how dilapidated our Communities have become that such a thing has become a norm so much so that an electoral party makes it a campaign move therefore using the poverty and impoverishment in a community to their advantage in order to harness more votes…


This should be an individual task, an…

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