The slothful generation 1

Drunk Woman

Critical look at the Nigeria of today gives the impression that somewhere or many sectors needs an overhaul.

The estimate of government spending gives the notion that we should all get personal with the work, the youth really are becoming a serious pin in the neck with little or no sense of direction. The moment you get your hands on any network, you get right to scamming people whose lives are at stake.

The parents are too busy with business and work that they have very little time for the children. The teenage generation now finds lust for money and sex a primary ambition. The picture you take after the whole pan-caking of your face only attracts destiny destroyers; the guys with no ambition and no sense of purpose.

So many are living in the lost world of immorality. Various sites are now presenting nudity even facebook seems not to be safe for Moral valued people. You get all you think you can but yet have nothing.

Stop being part of this set of people. A better person lay there is you. Do not look OUTWARD, the great Nigerian you is INWARD.


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