How desperate are you to delete loss in all you do. The first loss in any man or woman is NOT DOING ANYTHING: like an handicap, one who has that lazy attitude and never do anything mindset would definitely continually run at loss against TIME and CHANCE. No effort results in no result. There is no good from nothing. CAST AWAY THE FEAR OF TRIAL AND FAILURE, launch into that desired sphere of yours and be productive. You have the capacity to begin changing the circumstances around you if you would just take a different look at life and get something done. PLEASE DO NOTHING NEGATIVE. BE PRODUCTIVE POSITIVELY.

Secondly, the man who never wishes for the development of the society would live selfishly and die with accumulated wealth which could as well be squandered by those he knows not. Its a critical loss to NIGERIA AND THE WORLD  as a whole where corruption in the result of selfish, gluttonous and scrupulous men. There is no flame without fire the Old gaffer would once say. Extracting corruption is not a governmental task or an enforcement agency’s work… its the dear desire to see others prosper and succeed with a mind to develop this nation that drives individual sensitivity to MONEY away. But this is a critical deceit of the devil “YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL, ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN EVER WANT” you can never have all the money you want, the devil only keeps planting the love for money in us by thoughts of self pity and poverty or a “am better than you” attitude. Let the mind of PURITY, INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND LOVE DWELL IN US.

I’ld just place this STOP ORDER here for now.


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