The demons in charge of Nigeria.
As Nigeria clocks 56 years of independence, I ponder on my bed, wondering and wallowed in deep thoughts if she is truly independent of the demons that are colonizing her.
She used to be an aid to her sisters who could not feed their children, but now the demon poverty has held her hands of plenty. She can no longer give sufficient bread to her children.
She was seen as the pride of her continent. As she was a mother who knew how best to administrate, unfortunately the demon greed and corruption has eaten deep into her system like a leukemic cancer. It has caused her to have serious excruciating pains that makes her wish she could rip her body apart but this is not feasible as her body is one, though frail and weakening as the days go by.

Ooo Nigeria, my father land, a place where everyone saw themselves as their brother’s keeper has been torn apart by the demon of hatred and religious differences as a brother is ready to put a knife to the throat of his brother because he ate his food.

Each day the sun rises up from it abode, it raises a dust of anxiety for the fear of the dreaded demon terrorism.
Many can not afford the man sleep for they have to pay more for the cost of safety with wide eyes…
What has caused the massive invasion of these demons into our land, I really wonder.
O Nigeria, how much she wallows in pain waiting eagerly for her angels to come to her rescue.

My beloved Nigeria.
The End

Composed by

John Rebecca Olamide


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