It is no news that what comes in to inform you forms your information and knowledge system, your belief system is the activator of your  information and knowledge system which is responsible for the actions you take. 

Lots of havoc has been carried out due to bad knowledge base and corrupted belief system. 

The mind is a powerful place for both to breathe,  and sponsors their activities but the GATES into a persons life is very key to the foundations, development and modelling of these both systems. 

What a child hears as language from birth forms the ascent and the activities around such forms the foundation for behaviour,  rights,  wrongs, culture and many more foundational basis of every human life. 

Yet,  irrespective of what the belief system was built up of,  it can still be changed for good or towards the bad. Opening up of the heart to certain truths can help change ones belief system for good; truths of God’s word it is. 


Of Sight

Of Hearing

Of perception

Of Thought

Its important to be careful of what comes in  through these gates, they open up in various ways and to various information disposing systems. 

Build up a solid BELIEF SYSTEM, as it would ultimately determine the basis for actions taken.  Remember,  the Lord weighs the intentions of the heart. 

Guard your heart with all diligence so also your GATES. 


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