The slothful generation 1

Drunk Woman

Critical look at the Nigeria of today gives the impression that somewhere or many sectors needs an overhaul.

The estimate of government spending gives the notion that we should all get personal with the work, the youth really are becoming a serious pin in the neck with little or no sense of direction. The moment you get your hands on any network, you get right to scamming people whose lives are at stake.

The parents are too busy with business and work that they have very little time for the children. The teenage generation now finds lust for money and sex a primary ambition. The picture you take after the whole pan-caking of your face only attracts destiny destroyers; the guys with no ambition and no sense of purpose.

So many are living in the lost world of immorality. Various sites are now presenting nudity even facebook seems not to be safe for Moral valued people. You get all you think you can but yet have nothing.

Stop being part of this set of people. A better person lay there is you. Do not look OUTWARD, the great Nigerian you is INWARD.


Islamic State “Killing All Assyrian Christians,” Destroying Evidence of their Culture

Peace and Freedom

Hasaka, Syria (AINA) — According to Assyrian leaders in Hasaka, the number of Assyrians captured by ISIS is as high as 373. There are 150 confirmed captives whose names are known. Various news agencies reporting today raised the number of captured Assyrians to 250.

Aid to the Church in Need is reporting that some of the captured Assyrians have been executed. The Aleteia news agency is reporting that up to 350 Assyrians may have been captured, and that executions have begun. Aleteia reports that 12 fighters from the Assyrian village of Tel Hurmiz, two of them women, have been executed by ISIS.

According to Assyrian fighters in Tel Tamar, ISIS has withdrawn from the Assyrian villages of Tel Goran, Tel Shamiran and Tel Jazira. But residents and fighters have not reentered the villages for fear of booby traps left by ISIS.

Assyrian sources in Hasaka say ISIS claims to have…

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Boko Haram’s worst massacre — at least 35 people dead

Peace and Freedom


Maiduguri (Nigeria) (AFP) – Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday visited the scene of what is feared to be Boko Haram‘s worst massacre and vowed that the insurgency would soon be over.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

But the Islamists gave a fresh indication of the scale of the task, with three separate bombings in the country’s religiously tense central region and restive northeast that left at least 35 people dead.

The bombings raised fears of a renewed wave of attacks against vulnerable targets in urban centres, as troops from…

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One meal A child

GENO Hope Alive Foundation

Disclaimer – This is not intended to be a political post…

Awesome folks,
Most people are aware that Nigeria has been in the election spirit for some time now with several prominent aspirants vying for several political offices. Anyway, like the disclaimer rightly stated, this post isn’t to serve a political purpose, so moving on….

Something caught my eye being used by several Individuals and Political Parties during their various Campaigns.
It’s the “One meal A Child” slogan which promises to give every child in a primary institution a meal per day. It made me think about how dilapidated our Communities have become that such a thing has become a norm so much so that an electoral party makes it a campaign move therefore using the poverty and impoverishment in a community to their advantage in order to harness more votes…


This should be an individual task, an…

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Fani-Kayode Ridicules Buhari’s Choice of London for Campaign



Femi Fani Kayode:

*‘Wonders’ if APC candidate disclosed how much he loves
Boko Haram

Chuks Okocha in Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign
Organisation has said that it is amazing that a man that
refused to participate in a debate in his own country is so
ready to go to a foreign country to sell his message in a
desperate attempt to curry favour with the people of that
PDP Presidential Campaigns Organisation said that the
decision of the next president is for Nigerians to decide, not
in London.
Referring to the appearance of General Muhammadu Buhari
at the British Chatham House, the PDP Presidential
Camapign spokesman, Femi Fani Kayode said in a
statement, “We wonder whether General Buhari told his
foreign audience whilst he was in London how much he
loves Boko Haram.
“We wonder whether he told them that he once said that he

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1000+ Letters for Nigeria Day 179

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Gen Muhammadu Buhari Accept He is a Dictator And Takes Responsibility…

Glitz Plus Magazine

Buhari-primaries-620x330As the general election in Nigeria comes close, in a recent interview with presidential aspirant under the flagship of APC by British journalist in London, Gen Buhari agrees with critics that he was once a dictator, but he cleared the air by asserting that he is a changed person who belief in democracy.

Excerpt:”Permit me to close this discussion on a personal note. I have heard and read references to me as a former dictator in many respected British newspapers including the well regarded Economist. Let me say without sounding defensive that

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This mighty shall not fall and eben the feeble shall be strengthened

The strong arm shall not fail cos it is upheld by God;
The feeble feet shall be strenghtened;
The lame shall walk and the blind shall see it;
When this storm is over then shall we see that it came for the smoothenening of the terrain;
The fire that’s meant to consume shall only burn away the rubbish;
The seemingly evil darkness is only a preparation for a joyous light;
Who still has a heavy heart?
Whose eyes is still filled with tears?
Whose tongue still speaks negatively?
Whose thought just sees all things ahead as bad?
There is this great light even for this nation no matter who you are, locate that light in Christ Jesus and light up everywhere you find yourself cos you have now got light in you.

I love my country Nigeria.